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Verriss: Laugh out loud when 50 cent gets shot

I can only pray that people will take me seriously.

Die Sneak kann durchaus bösartig sein, zum Beispiel schickt die Get Rich or Die Tryin' mit 50 Cent ins Rennen, der ein Interpret einer Musikrichtung ist (Rap), die ich wegen ihrem Gehabe und Tara zutiefst verabscheue. Und natürlich erfüllt der Film alle meine Haßvorstellungen. *gnargh*

Es ist nicht schlimm zu dealen, ist ja Familienbetrieb. Ein 12-jähriger kauft eine Knarre, und es wird nicht einmal ansatzweise kritisch hinterfragt, und wenn er mal groß ist, will er Gangsterrapper werden. Gut, was will man von einem MTV-Filmchen anderes erwarten. Wäre ich großzügig, würde ich hineininterpretieren, daß das Leben im Ghetto schon so zerrüttet ist, dass es eh keinen mehr interessiert. Schön und gut, aber als Gesellschaftskritik gibt der Film eine ziemlich erbärmliche Figur ab.

Achja, dem Genre-Konventionen gemäß sind natürlich Frauen nur billige Nutten :) Und Autos das coolste überhaupt. Aber ein weißer Mercdes ist scheiße, verdammich! Da mag Mercedes in allen Farbe draufstehen, aber weiß_ist_keine_AutofarbePunkt. Und deswegen ist so ein Auto häßlich, häßlich, häßlich und nicht bewunderungswürdig.

Und 50 Cent bekam Szenenapplaus, als man am Ende seine Zunge sah. Im übrigen fand ich ihn rein schauspielerisch nicht sooo anstrengend, es ging, abgesehen davon, daß man ihm seine Verzweiflung, als er im Knast saß, nicht wirklich ansah. *hust* Und wer ihm die Rasierklinge geschickt hatte, um ihm so zu verdeutlichen, dass er sich umbringen soll, kam auch nie raus, der einzige Sinn und Zweck war wohl, daß er ein Werkzeug hatte, um seine Reimergüsse an die Wand zu kratzen und die Zelle damit zu verhäßlichen.

Zum Glück war der Film unfreiwillig komisch, außerdem hatte ich einen glänzend aufgelegten Live-Kommentator neben mir, ohne den es tatsächlich unerträglich gewesen wäre.


Anmerkung von Tyler:
Auf imdb ist das Machwerk aktuell auf Platz 24 der schlechtesten Filme aller Zeiten und wird unter anderem mieser bewertet als:
- Daniel der Zauberer (der Kinofilm mit Daniel Küblböck)
- Police Academy: Mission to Moscow
- The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies!!?

500 things to do while watching Get Rich or Die Tryin’

500. Think about all the times you used 50 cents to buy something.
499. Think about 500 ways to kill an ant.
498. Make up words that sound German.
497. Get up in the theater (since it isn't on dvd yet) and start asking everyone for a dollar if they ask why tell them your trying to get rich.
496. Catch some sleep.
495. Do your taxes
494. Clip your toenails
493. do push ups
492. think of places to visit
491. take a shiit in your pants....
490. Take a second sh!t in your pants.
489. Start a drinking game with random people around you. Everytime 50 cent mumbles something that is lost in translation, take a sip.
488. try to make a list of the top 5 girls uve slept with
487. try to make a list of the bottom 5 girls uve slept with
486. punch urself in the face and see if u have created enough brain damage to enjoy the movie
485. if not, repeat # 486
484. meditate
483. try to imagine if 50 (no) cents was recasted as larry david
482. Leave the theater and have a cigarette
481. Think about better movies
480. Rewrite the movie in Anglo-Saxon.
479. Mentally rearrange your closet at home from light colors to dark
478. Read every word on your box of candy over and over again till your so tired of reading that watching the movie seems like the better alt. (will probably be while if ever)
477. Go to the manager of the theater and ask him to turn down the air conditioning every 10 mins till it's so cold that blood doesn't get to your brain and you can't think so you could know what it feels like to be 50 cent.
476. Ask the old lady next to you if she feels safe, in such a dangerous environment.
475. Watch the movie…. Hahaha no I'm kidding. Had you though, didn't I?
474. pick your nose
473. flick a booger on the person in front of you
472. write a novel
471. count how many people are in the theater
470. look up basketball scores on your cell phone
469. Stand up and yell "Get your hand out of my pocket, Paramount Pictures"!!!
467. think about how stupid the last answer was (#468)
466. ask the girl next to you if her hands are free. if she says yes then ask her if she'll play with your balls if she says not ask her to sit on ur lap and and say to her "lets talk about the first thing that pops up"
465. LEAVE
464. Turn around and watch the projection booth
463. Ignore threads like this
462. play Solitaire
461. Think about your sweet spinning rims that you just put on your 92 corolla, and then punch your self in the testicalls, becuase not only are you an idiot for buying spinning rims,but you paid to see a movie about 50 cent, when bascially ur watching 8 mile 2
460. Ask yourself why you'd even pay to see a movie about 50 Cent, STARRING 50 CENT!
459. Think about why you paid $7 to see the movie, when guy who stars in the movie's name is 50 Cent.
458. Think about all the rappers who can actually ACT, and compare some of their work with his movie.
457. Make a list of 100 movies that you've seen that are 20x better than the one you're watching.
456. Get in as many naps as you possibly can.
455. Take a break and go to the restroom.
454. If you bump into 50 Cent while on your break, pimp-slap him for being the violent, illiterate human being that he is.
453. Talk out loud as if you were the comentary on the dvd.
452. Quote one linears from Full Metal Jacket and Pulp Fiction.
451. Picture if the film was made by Woody Allen, then lauph and tell the gangster next to you.
450. Go to the bathroom everytime 50 cent mumbles something inexplicable
449. Play rusian roullete with the gun you found next to the dead body in the mens room.
448. After cheating and winning, sneak out of the movie and into Derailed
447. Sneak back into Get Rich or Die Trying and tell everyone around you the outline of the film you just watched.
446. Leave with everyone to go watch it only to find out it's just as bad.
445. Come back and have a smoke even though you don't smoke
444. Shout Out "Gabba Gabba Hey" as loud as you can in the theater.
443. ask the projectionist to play the film upside down
442. count along with the second hand on your watch
441. carve your name into the back of the seat in front of you
440. laugh out loud every 30 seconds even if nothing was funny
439. pretend you are choking on popcorn so everyone will panic and the movie will be shut off and everyone will get a refund
438. Shout out "Yo Yo Ma" as loud as you can in the theater.
437. Think about how much better X-Men 3 will be....
436. Think about eating a Wendy's "Bacon Mushroom Melt" instead of watching this crap.
435. Try to make the expression 50 cent shows throught the entire film.
434. Play another game of rusian roulette until you lose.
432. Start a debate over racial influences and stereotypes, as well as violent messages transcended to our childeren through the music industry.
431. Every scene in which fifty has his shirt off act over appauled.
430. Every scene where fifty TAKES his shirt of, jump into the aisle and do 20 crunches
429. Call one of your friends and have freestyle with him out loud over the phone.
428. Play the race card every 30 minutes.
427. run a lap for everytime 50 cent says something stupid
426. run a lap everytime you hear a crappy song in the movie
425. sit down everytime there's a good scene
424. Shout "That's what the life is like, n igga" every time 50 drops ghetto wisdom.
423. Blame every stupid scene in the movie on crack.
422. Smoke crack.
421. Say "for shame" out loud 5 times.
420. Fire your sawed off shotgun at the screen every time 50 cent is seen topless.
419. Reload.
418. try to make yourself throw up
417. bring a small DVD player and watch Real Genius
416. sell cigar leaf as reefer to people in the theater
415. light peoples shoelaces on fire
414. urinate in a squirt gun and shoot people
413. light of fire crackers
412. yell out "I cant feel my legs I cant feel my legs!"
411. have a spitball fight
410. yell out "who the hell is supposed to playing Johnny Cash?"
409. talk to the screen like it can hear you
408. take out your gun and shoot a rival gang member
407. kill a rival gang member
406. get shot by a rival gang member
405. get killed by a rival gang member
404. have a surviving family member sue Paramount for gross negligence
403. Sell guns to whoever will pay enough
402. Pretend you have tourettes
401. Eat the seat in front of you
400. Fart as loud as you can
399. Bite your finger and toe nails
398. Ask out broads there
397. Take a piss on the rug in the theater and who cares if it doesn't tie the room together
396. Think about what you are going to do the next day
395. Laugh out loud when 50 cent gets shot
394. Place a call to Fitty's agent and tell him how much this movie sucks
393. Place a call to the theater manager and tell him how much this movie sucks
392. Place a call to the guy at the concession stand and tell him how much this movie sucks and to get back to work
391. Get up, leave the theater, and shoot the guy at the concession stand on your way out
390. Call the police and tell them how much this movie sucks and that you just had to kill somebody because it's what Fitty would have done if this movie wasn't about him
389. Spray pepper spray into my own eyes
388. Punch myself in the stomach to try to mask the pain of watching this movie
387. scoop out my own eye balls with a spoon
386. Bring a grill and start making soulfood for everyone
385. Shout “that’s what im talking bout” every 10 seconds
384. Shout “bling bling n!gga” when you see money or jewelry
383. Shout out"Give me the beat boys and free my soul. I wanna get lost in your rock n roll" as loud as you can in the theater.
382. Make a fist
381. Punch everyone nearby for wasting money]
380. Punch yourself
379. Bite someone's ear & say "Damn, you taste like *beep*
378. Go into the ladies' bathroom & scream "no means no!!" as girly as can
377. Repeat, without the girly, in the men's.
376. Pretend you're blind & do whatever
375. Form a "what" chant after 50 first "talks" & every time after
374. Use prominent words in "Fiddy's" vocabulary like b*tch and ho everytime there is a "serious" scene.
373. Castrate yourself with a rusty knife.
372. Talk loudly about how much more ass Wu Tang kicked than 50, Game, G-Unit, whatever
371. Run up & laugh at every underage kid at the theatre that's a 50 fan
370. Realize they're recieving shock treatment & brain pokes & apologize, then run up & do the same thing over & over to avoid eye contact with anyone onscreen.
369. When 50 shows up on the screen, jump up, run, & stop in a frozen, awkward postion. This will give people the impression you have seen the face of Medusa within 50's eyes & lead up to crap jokes like "you're so stoned dude!"
368. Take a dump in the ladies room
367. When no one's looking, slip some coke into the popcorn popper.
366. Buy some popcorn
365. Lather, rinse, repeat
364. Turn your cell phone on as loud as it can get and have your friend call you and dont answer
363. Simulate your own birth into the aisle
362. throw your soda at the ceiling fan
361. get up and see whats behind the movie screens
360. yell out "Thats gotta hurt" when someone gets shot
359. Come to the realization that rap/hip-hop music IS pop music now, dominates radio airplay, and represents mainstream tastes.
358. Come to the realization that this film is a mainstream film.
357. explain to the old women next to you that she got lost on her way to walk the line and entered get rich, then tell her what all these black boys mean by glock, b itch, bling, paper, h oes, hustle and so on.
356. slap that old women
355. turn around to the gangster next to you and tell him that your mom keeps baking cookies with rasins in it when you clearly like oatmeal, then laugh in a very white way and say "that jolly ol' bitch"
354. point a laser at fiddy's forehead, in the nature of the movie people will think he's about to get shoot by a sniper, and the annoying loud women and her 52 friends will hell "YO FITTY RUN N IGGA RUN YO' ASS GONNA GET SHOOT OH SH IT N IGGA" then laugh at how stupid they are.
353. piss in the dink of the person next you you
352. take all the change out of your pocket, put in in your sock and beat yourself over the head with it
351. take shots of tequila
350. ask anyone if they want to challenge you to a knife fight
349. Wipe the blood from your eyes and smear it on the person next to you
348. yell out am i retarded or am i just overjoyed, and if people reply retarded, just say well, so are you....i mean, you spent money to come see this movie"
347. realize that im so high thinking up stupid posts like that
346. get a gun and start yelling look at me, im 50 cent, time for me to either rob someone and get rich, or get shot, and die trying
345. realize that 50 cent has got rich, and pretty soon will die because this movie just sucks (im implying someone will murder him)
344. think about what you could have done with the money you payed for this ticket
343. realize that this movie is the reason the box office is in a slump, and why people pirate dvd's so much, they dont have patience to see this s*** on screen
342. ask how the director of my left foot could have come so low
341. think about the consequences if 50 cent met daniel day lewis
340. realize that youve done over 200 things, and this piece of sh** still hasnt finished
339. beat someones ass for attempting these things
338. tell the guy smoking a blunt next to you that his weed is schwill will and he is probably smoking seeds
337. pretend it is Mystery Science Theater 3000 and start talking over the dialogue
336. get up and yell "HEY Does anyone have change for a hundred!?"
335. ask the guy next to you if he knows what president is on a 50 cent piece
334. Laugh at all the white people in the theater and say "Do my taxes white boy"
333. ask the young white girls in the theater if they whored themselves at the mall to buy their tickets
332. tell the white cops in the theaters to stop beating up innocent minorities and just enjoy the movie
331. thank the white guy in front of you for shaving his head before the movie so the people sitting behind him can see the screen
330. ask the white guy sitting across from you if he left the oven on at his methamphetamine lab
329. take a bathroom break
328. get shot
327. die
326. Chew on your straw
325. listen to jazz on headphones
324. sneak into Chicken Little
323. break into the projection booth and make hand shadows in front of the projector
322. Fart into a megaphone
321. bathe in vinegar and sit in the most crowded part of the theater
320. play the guitar
319. blast Arabian music in a portable cd player
318. whistle the Ghostbusters theme
317. Shout Out "Goony Goo Goo...Mr Telephone man there's something wrong with my line. When I dial my babies number ,I get a click everytime" as loud as you can in the theater.
316. throw 50 cents and yell out "look there goes 50 cent".
315. everytime 50 raps yell out "my grandma raps better"
314. when 50 raps yell out "I'll pay a dollar for him to shut up"
313. yell out "50 cent is paying for popcorn"
312. kill yourself for paying to watch this.
311. bring a flashlight and shine it on people
310. leave
309. if your white stand up and yell hey buba were did you go and get shot (just kidding)
308. offer to buy everybody chicken and watermelon then don't and get shot (still kidding)
307. tell everybody that radiohead is the greatest band in the world and get shot
306. Just tell someone to shot you
305. Take some white guys girlfriend.
304. Have his girlfriend brag that my d i c k is bigger then his.
303. Tell a white girl to show her breast and ill give her some beads.
302. Have someone phone Dr Phil for white people that are defiantly going to be crazy after this film.
301. Get a plastic surgeon in attendance for all the young white girls.
300. Wait for a white guy(wigger) to scream out "that crazy ni**er" and watch his a** get beat.
299. "Pull" a Pee-Wee Herman in the theatre.
298. tell a black guy that his post about white guys was funny, and redirect him to his cage (just kidding)
297. get the *beep* beat out of you by that black guy
296. and up and pull a rocky moment and complete knock his a$$ out
295. relize there's about 300 other black people waiting to kick you A$$
294. get your a$$ beat down by 300 black people
293. call dad and tell him to call uncle billy bob in Virgina and tell him get to get his ass over to were you are with all of his kkk friends so you can get revenge
292. tell everyone on 1mdb your complete kidding and your heart is clean and all these jokes are in good fun
291. get your a$$ beat down anyway
290. listen to nin
289. Watch episodes of quantum leap on your portable DVD player.
288. Make your girlfriend or significant other perform a rusty trombone during the dance and music scenes.
287. ask anyone if they want any grits
286. And cornbread
285. Don't forget Chitlin slurpees and Rabbit Sammiches
284. Get a life and stop thinking up racist jokes. If you don't like the movie, fine, don't like it. Do you get some kind of sick pleasure out of this? Do you have nothing better to do with your time? Stop being so damn pathetic. Why are you all so interested in trashing this movie? Do you care so much about 50 Cent that you must devote all your time into thinking up "500 Things To Do While Watching Get Rich or Die Tryin'"? Or are you just jealous, that 50 Cent took the time to improve himself as a person and is now making his way to the top while you are still stuck at home in front of your computer? Seriously, you're making yourself look like the ignorant one, not 50 Cent. Grow up, and do something productive with your life, at least 50 did.
283. Have this message be deleted by an administrator
282. get up and pull the fire alarm so you can get a refund
281. come home and read this thread casue its the funniest things ive ever seen
280. then get together with friends, drive around, and beat up innocent black kids (preferably around 12 or 13)
279. Pull up IMDB's website on your blackberry, PDA or cell and contribute to this thread!
278. Find someone who looks like fitty and shoot him multiple times in the face just to see if he really IS bulletproof.
277. try to amputate your arm for no apparent reason
276. Drink some beer
275. Yell "This Sucks"
274. When it gets to a music portion of the movie, act like Beavis and get somebody to act like Butthead or the other way around and start crackin on it
273. Duck for cover
272. juggle things
271. ask why there is nearly no one is in the theater
270. ask others if they think 50 cent is trash
269. practice speaking wookie
268. Spit on the screen
267. throw popcorn in your mouth trying to throw it higher and higher each turn
266. after mastering the popcorn throwing at high levels try throwing them to your friends mouth from your own and see how long it take till the popcorn turns to absolute mush
265. Just be true to yo self. Biaaatch.
264. see how many diffrent words you can come up with using the word EXIT, inspiration from the bright exit sign. Your thoughts of leaving killing you inside but cant just because u gotta get your moneys worth
263. get into a freestyle battle with the people next to you
262. punch the person next to you in the arm and say pass it on
261. sit in front of some people and put on a ten gallon hat
260. ask the person next to you if they want some chewing tobacco
259. Crap in your theatre seat.
258. Play your Dazz Band Ringtone List
257. Catapult Milk Duds from the back row unto moviegoers.
256. Get a job.
255. Get a life.
254. Read a book.
253. Learn to play an instrument.
252. Star in your very own sequel: LO$E MONEY AND LIVE HUMILIATED
251. Think about Judy Garland naked...
250. Think about Judy Dench naked...
249. Think about Judy Dench and Judy Garland making out...
248. Think about Judy Dench, Judy Garland, and Liza Menelli making out...
247. Why is he called 50 Cent anyway?
246. masturbate furiously
245. contimplate killing your grandma
244. strain your back attempting to lick your own scrotom
243. regurgitate
242. take i giant bite out of the guy in front of you's head
241. ask everyone if they enjoy poaching pandas as much as you
240. give a gangster a wet willie and get beat into a coma
239. stand up and scream loud and continous nonsense until you get shanked
238. smash a chalupa on a random guys head
237. scream rape
236. attempt to get people to autograph your belly button
235. play flip cup
234. laugh out loud when anyone in the movie talks
233. say I cant wait to go home and watch Total Recall 5,879 times
232. bring in a maraca and just keep shaking it
231. stand up and say "Aw man im missing bassmasters"
230. scratch your balls
229. Sit in amazement this thread is still kicking.
228. Insist it keeps going.
227. Stand up in front of everyone & unveil all the weaponry you snuck in with in your baggy pants & hand them out.
226. Shout "Uzi's for all!"
225. Sing "It's A Holly Jolly Christmas"
224. Ask someone for 2 quarters.
223. Put them under your eyelids & say "where did y'all go to?!"
222. Do the coin-behind-ear trick to some unsuspecting gunslinger.
221. Sit in amazement at all the weapons you & the gunslinger snuck in.
220. Have a country-style shootout with him.
219. Have a bowl of cherrios
218. Say OUCH every time someone gets shot
217. Visit www.angelfire.com/empire/teamcbr
216. Leave a comment on the forum of that fantastic website
215. Realize this is somewhat spam
214. Return to watching the movie
213. realize thats a bad idea
212. Masturbate every time a bunch of guys roll on the floor together
211. Ask the person next to you to marry you
210. Cough up your cherrios if anything makes you mad
209. every time fitty says the word dawg, take a shot
208. take note of how crack is made in the film, start your own crack ring
207. Do the Robot
206. Everytime you hear the F-word give a Flav-a-Flav shout out boiiiiiiiiiii!
205. Wear a Ja Rule shirt.
204. To conjugate the verb 'to be' in goat language
203. fart
202. start singing the numa numa song
201. Shout out "fat girls=more cusion for the pushin'" as loud as you can in the theater.
200.Pick your nose
199.See how many fingers you can get upp your nose
198.Think that if you divide 8 from 50 you get 42(8 and 42 being two of the numbers in LOST)
197.Ballance your check book
196.Go to the bathroom and puke and stay there for 10 min so you dont have to watch the movie
195. go to 7 11 buy a bunch of candy, chips, soda, hotdogs, sneak them in and"slang" them for cheaper then movie prices and get rich.
194. come up with other names for the movie like: get a b itch and stop cryin, get a car and start drivin, apply at Mcdonalds there hirin', 50 cent is a as s hole and he deserves to die.
193. relize that candy and popcorn isn't go to sell so go back to 7 11 and buy watermelons and some chicken and "slang that s hit dawg" (words 50 would use)
192. find a way into the projection booth and switch the rolls with American Beauty, and watch as not one person can relate to what's going on (except the part were he's working at carls jr)
191. ask the person next to so "So what are you in for?"
190. make sure you have a full clip to blast your way out of the theatre.
189. make sure you leave at least one bullet for yourself.
188. bring a hamster and leran to speak its language
187. take of your pants and dont respond to anyone who tries to talk to you
186. bite all your fingers off
185. put on a white hood with eye holes and wait to die
184. throw dildo's in random directions
183. scream rape and then look suprised as if someone else said it
182. Poke a Bunny
181. Shout Out "I know you are but what am I" as loud as you can in the theater.
180. Stick matches in your eye lids so you dont fall asleep
179. Read porn
177. Act like you're in a jerry springer audience and shout and holla all the time
176. Sing "Sweet Home Alabama"
175. Hold a stereo and blast "What is Love" while nodding your head to the side
174. Try to pick up chicks and say whats up and bounce on them.
173. Laugh at Idiots who have no idea what culture is.
172. Then laugh at them since they have no idea about Jay Chou and Lexy(rappers from Korea and Japan)
171. Who also may have appeared on local tv shows and are greatly idolized.
170. Go see Get Rich or Die Tryin'
169. Go see Belly
168. GO make my own movie that will change how the Youth of United States view the hip hop culture. AND how other countries easily embrace the rap/hip hop culture.
167. Laugh because i'm posting in a crappy thread.
166. Yell "Pork chops and applesauce!" everytime 50 clenches his teeth.
165. Slap the hysterical panicky teenage girl next to you. Have fun with it.
164. Play showtunes from Yentl and Grease 2 in your head-at the same time.
163. Comtemplate why the music industry has cheapened in value for the past 10 years.
162. Plan your second wedding/third divorce (whichever comes first).
161. Yell "Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto!" whenever someone gets shot.
160. Yell "Hit me baby one more time" when someone gets beat up in the movie/theater.
159. Do Kegel exercises in your seat.
158. Give the person in front of you a "brainduster".
157. Breast feed your 2 month old son.
156. Teach your 1 year old daughter to say "Ikka bikka boo!"
155. Ask the man in front of you to show you the scars on his back from the days at the plantation.
154. have everybody in your row make room for you to go to the bathroom every 10 secs.
153. stand by the door 5 mins before the movie ends and tell everyone walking out that walk the line is the seq. to get rich or die tryin and since the only channel these people watch is bet and mtv they'll believe you and they'll go see a movie about a country singer ahaha.
152. Bring an amplifier and a portable DVD player and broadcast Stewie Griffin the Untold Story to the entire theater.
151. Don an Emperor Palpatine Cloak outfit and have mock jedi duels in the aisle with the ushers half lightsaber looking flashlights.
150. Quote Che Guevara aloud.
149. Talk about your pencil to the person sitting next to you. Describe in an almost homosexual way how long and beautiful your pencil is.
148. Turn away from that person but continue talking to your pencil. Tell your pencil how fine it is and blink with your eyes in a flirting way.
147. Stroke your pencil in a loving way. Stoke it gently like it was a little kitten.
146. Take a sip of your coke
145. Shout Out "I'm Rick James B!tch" as loud as you can in the theater.
144. Yell Out "CHINEASE FIRE DRILL!!!!!", and everyone runs in a cirlce to another persons seat while screaming there head off as loud as possible.
143. See how many Marshmellows u can stuff in your mouth until you cant say the word "G-Unit"
142. bring glue and gather items off the floor making a get rich or die tryin movie theatre collage on the seat in front of u, then steal the back of that seat and put it up for sale on ebay starting at 100 dollers, and label it as "get rich and and look stupid while tryin"
141.A contest: Sing as loud as possible to all the backround music(bring sheet music if you do not know all the words, though if u mumbled and went to the rythm no one would know) and 1 point for every person who tells you to stop, 2 points for every person who tells u to stop with a swear involved, 3 points for any physical abuse by people 8 points for being kicked out, but you win if you ae able to get gangs and other stupidity such as gang fights or beatings in a bathroom
140. listen to checkmate
139. Pee in cup and switch with someones drink.
138. when seeing a black guy get beat up, Make your white a$$ yell out the N-job word and then light up a menthol ciggy (newport light) and say, "isz cool mang". (J/k)
137. start a wave like youre at a baseball game
136. yell out movie lines from Planes Trains and Automobiles
135. ask the person next to you what their golf game is
134. When the movie starts pretend to be shocked that you aren't seeing chicken little(which is far superior)
133. yell at the screen. (don't go in there fitty, you're only gonna get shot again)
132. Laugh at the moronic junior high kids who think this is quality cinema.
131. Laugh at Paramount for distributing it, and not making money.
130. Laugh at yourself for buying the ticket.
129. Start a fight
128. Get Shot.
127. Become a famous rapper because of 127, it worked for fitty.
126. make a movie about your life, just like eminem and fitty did.
125. weep at the horrible reviews of your movie, and hateful boards about it.
124. Shout Out "OJ didn't do it, Michael didn't do it, Kobe didn't do it and R Kelly didnt do it" as loud as you can in the theater.
123. Ask God for the 2 and a half hours back that you wasted watching this pathetic excuse for a movie.
122. Go to 50's house in Conneticut and ask for your 10 dollars back.
121. Send a text message to Mike Jones
120. Start jacking off in the cinema
119. yell "Snape kills Dumbledore!" as loud as you can.
118. Scream "I'm a wanksta! i'm a wanksta!" while watching the film
117. collect 50 cents from homeless shelters.
116. masturebate and enjoy it while eating popcorn
115. drink a fifth of vodka and streak across the theater while yelling "i'm german! i'm german!"
114. Write a better film
113. come to the theatre dressed as a giant rat (a la the game) and bring the usher in and point out everyone in red and wait outside for them to light you up, then go back inside slightly unconscious and think you are actually watching oscar material.
112. dress up in g unit clothes and pretend to be a great fan then rip off your clothes and reveil that your hitler and slap on your mustache and scream im not racist im not racist.
111. jfhasr;kjfshdlkcjnaslzj nbsxzoijcnzjklxncvlkszm;lkmzsfsadf[piuashfsaoih (learn to pronounce that)
110. Hire the Blue Man Group to walk around the theater performing their routine during the movie.
109. Play the theme to Beverly Hills 90210 on your KEYTAR (Keyboard Guitar) ala Revenge of the Nerds.
108. E-mail The Andy Milonakis Show to send Andy down and Armpit Fart "Smoke on the Water" during emotional scenes.
107. Make like an OCD patient and vaccuum the aisles with your dirt devil hand vac.
106. Toss Rotten Kumquats at the screen
105. Bust out Lil Troy's "Wanna Be a Baller" on the BoomBox you snuck in.
104. Sing the theme to "Good Times" at the top of your lungs.
103. Re-enact scenes from "All in the Family"
102. Streak through the theater
101. Your taxes
100. Manufacture Crank
99. Ponder what you could have done with the money you spent getting in to the "movie"
98. Re-imagine the "movie" if 50 cent could act
97. Mentally bitchslap 50 cent
96. Quote Lines from Kelly's Heroes at the top of your lungs.
95. Chop off both your arms and legs and then roll down a hill.
94. Go to a circus and wait until a clown comes up and starts dancing in front of you. Then, throw an axe at his face.
93. Hide behind bushes at an elementary school and when a little girl rides by on her bike jump out from behind the bush and hit her in the face with a shovel.
92. Drink a fifth of vodka and have someone dare you to drive.
91. Slaughter a moose and eat its insides.
90. Yell, "Hey! I'm Fitty!" and shoot yourself. Don't worry, you'll survive.
89. Attempt to eat your own poop as it comes out of your butt.
88. Think about Sean Connery naked.
87. Try to hide your boner (that you got thinkin of Sean Connery).
86. Wack off and make really loud inapropriat noises as you pleasure yourself.
85. Give birth to a common house cat.
84. Play tetris on your cell phone
83. play cops and robbers inside the theather
82. attempt to jump through the screen as if you were pretending you were in The Last Actions Hero.
81. Stand up with a badge in your hand and yell "All right this is a bust"
80. play Rock Paper Scissors with the person next to you
79. Pray that a stray bullet from the lobby will put you out of your misery.
78. Yell "NICE SHOT! ONE FRAG!" everytime someone gets shot and dies.
77. Don't wear red. Some gangs may take it as an offense.
76. Don't wear blue. Some gangs may take it as an offense.
75. Don't wear green. Some gangs may take it as an offense.
74. Don't wear black. Some gangs may take it as an offense.
73. Don't wear indigo, fuscia, violet, pink, scarlet, crimson rose, anything with dapples of orange magenta, taupe, silver, light blue, dark blue, navy blue, sky blue, teal, gray, yellow, pearl, brown, purple or white. Some gangs may take it as an offense.
72. Okay, don't take any chances. Just don't wear anything.
71. Leave and go see Walk The Line
70. Use empty chairs next to you as catapults with candy and try to hit the people in the back row.
69. Make a 50 Cent voodoo doll
68. Write an essay of all of your mistakes (remember to include the watching the movie)
67. Hope somebody in the theatre gets up and starts shooting people
66. Start a fire
65. sleep
64. listen to music through your cellphone
63. Continually bang your balls with a ballpine hammer to punish yourself further.
62. Dream about being burned alive
61. Unleash the rabid wolverine you've stashed in a knapsack and continually hit with the same hammer on unsuspecting movie patrons.
60. Choke on a sour patch kid
59. walk in dressed as a Indian Warrior named cheif Big Foot Long horn
58. put your hands over your ears so you can't hear the taunts that samuel l. jackson is making in the aisles.
57.rip up your popcorn box and make one of those stupid art projects from martha stewart.
56. agree with the guy in front of you who says "why didn't they just make GIGLI 2?"
55. think about the autographed picture of denny dillion you should have bought and kick yourself.
54. think of 100 ways to kick a person's ass for killing an ant
53. Shout "fire" in an empty theater.
52. Think about how you could make "You Got Served 2" with a tennis theme.
51. Wonder if GRODT has reached number 51 on the bottom 100 yet.
50. call everyone on your cell phone and talk as loud as you can
49. think of a 100 thousand ways to beat up stupid posters
48. do out find one and do it
47. Take off your pants and jacket and see if anybody notices.
46. Yell, "That is f cuking rude, Michelle!" at the screen.
45. Cut your hair
44. Cut off your testicles.
43. Give everybody in the theatre $100
42. Recite the bible
41. Call the police and say that the movie shows porn
40. then actually carry it out on the loser
39. "do out find one and do it"-- wonder what the hell this means
38. sell pop corn throughout the audience.
37. Stage dive throughout the audience.
36. Bring a Nintendo laser gun. Shoot at the screen.
35. Clap loudly every time a person walks into the theater late.
34. Quote all dialogue 4 seconds after it is said on the screen.
33.Every time there is a gun shot scream, "Hit the floor!", jump on the floor, and cover your head.
32. Repeat steps 200-32
31. mathematically figure out how many grains of sand there are at a beach
30. make popcorn in an electric(plug-in)deep-fryer.
29. smile
28. Say "Cheese!"
27. Wait in line for an Xbox 360
26. plan on renting the movie, getting drunk with your friends, watching it and dieing of suffocation because you laugh so hard.
25. take 50 cents from the audience and get rich
24. Ask yourself why you wasted your time on this movie and commit suicide.
23. clap your hands loudly at the screen when you see someone die
22. laugh hysteractly at 50 cent when he gets shot
21. Listen to Led Zeppelin on your cd player or Ipod and if you dont have one, just leave the theatre and watch Walk The Line.
20. Watch Matchstick Men
19. Watch Sin City
18. Watch Goodfellas
17. Watch Requiem for a Dream
16. Watch Pulp Fiction
15. Watch JFK
14. Watch A Clockwork Orange
13. Watch Fight Club
12. Watch Apocalypse Now
11. Watch Se7en
10. Watch Revenge of the Sith
9. Watch The Exorcist
8. Watch The Nightmare Before Christmas
7. Watch Titanic
6. Watch Taxi Driver
5. Watch The Shining
4. Watch The Empire Strikes Back
3. Watch The Godfather and spot the similarites
2. Watch The Breakfast Club
1. End this list